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Spring 2019 Skate Lessons
Feb 21, 2019, 11:55 pm

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Youth In Line Hockey Starts Soon!
Nov 6, 2018, 1:51 pm

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New pricing for Public Skate and Private Parties
Feb 23, 2018, 6:56 pm

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Indoor Youth Soccer postponed until September 1st
Jul 15, 2017, 1:05 pm

Weekly Youth Soccer on Fridays will cancelled for the remainder of Summer.

Youth Soccer will resume September 1st.

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Office Hours Summer 2017
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Sonora kids win Championships with Flyin Hawaiians High School Ice Hockey
Apr 6, 2011, 2:49 pm

The switch from Inline Hockey to Ice Hockey proved to be a successful venture for 5 of our local High School kids.  The idea was to give the kids a chance to try ice hockey in a competitive high school ice hockey league and see if they could adapt to the difference.  This included Luke Steichen, Austin Norstrom, Andrew Klatt, Evan Rusch and Sienna Weeks with all having lots of inline hockey experience but never played any organized ice hockey.


The first practices were interesting with the kids on rental skates and trying to determine how to stop on ice.  It looked like it would be a long process to turn these kids into ice hockey players.  After about a month of practices it started looking a lot better with the kids finding the balance points on ice skates and yes actually stopping.  The season started with some preseason games with the team doing a great job and winning each game that they played.  The preseason determined the seeding for the season the the Valley Oak Flyin Hawaiian's Hockey Team was placed in the upper bracket with the strongest teams.  The season started a little slow with a loss to the Bay Area Bandits.  So we now realized that this was not going to be as easy as we thought.  We then managed to run six straight victorys and proved to be a strong contender for the championships.  Then came an unexpected game against the South County Smurfs where we had to come from behind and score two late goals to bring the game to a tie.  This seemed to wake up the team and they went on to win the final 4 games including a strong 6-2 victory against the Bay Area Bandits the only team to beat us.  The team managed to get the number 1 seed for playoffs and got the bye game.  They were then set to play the Bellarmine Bells in their first playoff game.  This proved to be a big mismatch with the Hawaiians winning the game 11 to 1.  So here they are the coverted inline hockey players playing for the championships of the High School league.  The match up would be the South County Smurfs who managed to beat the Bay Area Bandits in a strong game agains the Flyin Hawaiians.  The game started with a big push by the Smurfs and the team was soon to realize this was not going to be an easy battle.  It took a penalty by the Hawaiians to really change the game.  Being shorthanded the team managed to not only kill the power play but due to strong effort from Andrew Klatt scored short handed to go up 1 to 0.  These seemed to open things up a bit and the team manage to end the first with a 3 to 0 lead.  The fans were out in force and letting the team know they were proud by yelling "ALOHA" every time the team scored.  In the end the Flyin Hawaiians proved to be too strong and won the game 6 to 1. 

Not only did the team win the championships the top points on the team and in the league were Austin Norstrom and Luke Steichen with 30 points each.  Evan Rusch came on strong towards the end of the season with important goals and assists in the playoffs.  Andrew Klatt provided strong defense and it was agreed that he was probably the fastest player on the team.  Sienna Weeks split the goaltending duties and took on the pressure position of coming into the game at the middle and sometimes very close games.  Sienna made essential saves that could have change the dynamics of the game coming in cold off the bench. 

This was a great experience for the kids and now they are not only ice hockey players but champions.  Go FLYIN' HAWAIIAN'S, Aloha for now. 

Sonora High School Inline Hockey team wins....................
Oct 25, 2010, 11:57 am

We have a very successful season to kick off the High School Hockey season.  There are 3 tournament weekends and then Championships.  The kickoff weekend was in Woodland with 4 teams competing in the Varsity Division.  Our first game was against Davis High School which has been the team to beat in prior years.  We won the game 3 to 2 with strong showing from Luke Steichen and Austin Norstrom which provided a lot of our offensive punch.  The defense stood strong with Andrew Klatt and Evan Rusch making life difficult on Davis's offense and when they did get a shot in net Sienna Weeks shut them down.  Our next game was against the Central Valley High School which is made up of players that most to the team plays with for the Ice Hockey High School team.  This was a very entertaining game with the players on both sides competing strong.  We proved to be stronger and prevailed with another 3 to 2 victory.  We had strong play from Kaleb Clark and Luke Steichen who were paired up on offense.  Kaleb managed to provide some strong defense as our team would attack and stopped our oponents offensive threat.  Luke was a force to be recond with as he provided the offensive punch we needed.  We continued to see strong offensive play from Kyle Robbins who had numerous offensive opportunities but the Central Valley goaltender was standing strong.  The last game of the tournament was against the team from Antioch.  They have been a long time foe and also teammate in the past.  This again was a hard fought game with Sonora High getting the jump on them with two strong offensive plays that saw Austin Norstrom score two goals with assists from Luke Steichen.  This game also saw strong play from Jenna Weeks who was outskating players that were twice her size both offensively and defensively.  It is amazing how fast she is when she works at it. We continued to see strong play from Kaleb Clark who had a number of offensive opportunities in this game.  The game ended up tied with about 2 minutes to play and we decided to kick it into overdrive and Luke Steichen scored the go ahead goal.  With our time out we talked about defending them strong and not giving any time and space.  They pulled their goalie and attached with 5 players but with Kyle Robbins providing a strong back check he blocked their shot with his stick. The puck was recovered by Jenna Weeks and she took a long shot that was just blocked by the defense and they attacked again but it was short lived as the puck was stolen by Luke Steichen and with a backhand put it down the rink to an empty net. With a 2 goal lead it seemed like the game was in hand but it only took a few seconds and Antioch scored and the game was again a 1 goal game.  We managed to keep the puck out of the net thanks to strong defense by Andrew Klatt, Austin Norstrom and strong goaltending by Sienna Weeks.  The final horn sounded and we had pulled off another victory by one goal. 

It was a fun weekend as a number of the players had played in a high school ice hockey game on Saturday in Santa Rosa.  Players from Sonora are participating for a team called Valley Oak High School which is getting ready to play in the High School League in San Jose.  They have had 3 preseason games and have won all three.  Participating from Sonora are Luke Steichen, Austin Norstrom, Andrew Klatt, Evan Rusch, and Sienna Weeks.  The managed to beat Santa Rosa team 5 to 3 with Sienna getting her first game and coming home with the win.  It is amazing to see how the ice hockey has made all of these players better inline hockey players.

Our next High School Inline Hockey tournament is in Sonora on November 21, 2010 

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